Rug Restoration

Unavoidable accidents can cause damage to your rugs, which will require expert restoration in order to repair or remove the affected area. Cigarette burns, holes and tears, damage caused by pets or children, spills and stains can all require this kind of service.

Restoration of rugs and textiles is done by hand in the studio by master restorers. Our restorers have been trained in Turkey and are skilled in re-weaving, re-structuring, securing and stain removal.  We can also offer conservation solutions for your antiques.

To assist in understanding the difference between restoration and conservation here is a quote by Peter Stone from his book Oriental Rug Repair (1981):

“Conservation is preserving an object with as little change to the object as possible. The goal is to prevent further damage or deterioration.

Restoration is an attempt to return an object to its original or first condition.”

The team at Behruz Studio can help you decide which option is best suited to your rug.